Fiber Optic Basics Toolkit

Fiber Optic Basics Toolkit

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Visual Fault Locator - 650nm red laser
Hook Blade with replacement blades
Armored Cable Slitter
High-Gauge Cable Cutter
Tri-Hole Fiber Stripper - 250um, 900um, 3mm
Kevlar Shears
Ring Cutter
Heavy Duty Tool Bag

This kit offers a selection of hand tools essential for working with fiber optic cable. Using the various cutting, stripping, and ring tools, technicians will be able to access glass inside fiber cable, cut back jacket material, and prepare fiber for termination or splicing.

The included visual fault locator is a red laser that can be used to identify fiber routing and locate breaks in <3mm jacketed cable. The unit plugs on to existing fiber connectors and provides either a continuous or flashing red light that can be seen in a patch panel, through connector caps, or at breakpoints in the fiber glass.

FiberNext stocks hundreds of additional tools and accessories including optical power meters, mechanical and splice-on connectors, and specialized slitting tools. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we can help build out a custom tool kit